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25 45 75 CityRover
Face-lifted 25 is a good-looking car, apeing the nose of its 75 big brother. Its petrol engines are willing and it handles reasonably well.

The cabin is a bit lacklustre to look at and there are some question marks over its build quality. Safety equipment is woeful.
The ageing 45 has recently been given a face-lift. It has a good-sized boot for this sector and its engines are willing and smooth.


It's way off the pace compared with newer rivals. Cramped rear space means that adults will soon feel uncomfortable.
A very British car with stylish good looks and an amazingly pliant and cushioning ride. There are high levels of comfort and it's well priced, too.


Not as sharp a drive as its German competition and the rear cabin is a little cramped. More safety options should be included.
Decent practicality and a low starting price for the range. Most models are reasonably well equipped.


It’s based on an ageing design, and it shows. Refinement, comfort, ride and quality are all below par, and the entry-level model is short of luxury and safety kit.
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