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We are currently the fastest growing database of UK used cars for sale covering East London and Essex. Here you will find the used car from the local dealer you want to do business with.
It’s so easy to find the car you’re looking for, just chose a make and model from the list and go! If a make and model is on the list, then the car is available for sale there are no time wasting blank results.

Using the advance search you can jump straight to 4x4s or MPVs for sale locally, prices according to your budget. A bargains section for vehicles under £1,500 is available as well as diesel cars for sale. A prestige and luxury cars section is planned soon. We will soon be adding a directory section where users will be able to simply select the make and model and not only be able to view a full list of cars but read reviews and the latest information about the make and model of their choice.

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Click for cars is a FREE service to Blue 10 website customers, just one of the many benefits of using Blue 10 for your web presence. With the motor trade being so competitive these days, it's absolutely vital that your website is really doing your business justice and making those extra sales you want. A Blue 10 website in conjunction with click4cars can really make a difference to your business. If you already have a website that you are happy with, you can also add your stock to click4cars.com and make those extra sales. Call or email our sales team for full details.

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has the latest used cars for sale from hundreds of dealerships and private owners.

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